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BROWNING ARGON FEEDER 3,00M G-FEEDER BOT-Nagyszerű bot a method feederes horgászathoz. A nagyon harmonikus, kiegy. BROWNING ARGON FEEDER 3,00M G-FEEDER BOT-Nagyszerű bot a method feederes horgászathoz. A nagyon harmonikus, kiegy FEEDER SZERELÉKEK; HAJÓZÁSI FELSZERELÉS; HAL MÉRLEGELÉS; HAL SÜTÉS Missing: free. Rybářské potřeby » Zboží» Na Položenou, Feeder» Pruty» Feeder» Browning» Argon Feeder» Argon – 3,00m/g/2 Pcs – Browning – Prut FeederMissing: free. A Browning Argon Method Feeder botok háromféle méretben kaphatók, 3,00, 3,30 és 3,60 m. Magas rugalmassági modulussal rendelkező szénszálas szövet használata és a közepes parabolikus akció teszik ezt a botot profi eszközzé a method horgág: free.


Browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free –


Perfect angling equipment and accessories for champion anglers of the present and future. Place your trust in the experience of a global brand whose equipment увидеть больше synonymous with quality and browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free championships. ExplodedInstructions view drawings for use Google Search Perform a Google search for the corresponding product by clicking on the article number.

All-Round Poles Carp Power Poles Margin Poles Tele Rods, Bolo Rods Sphere Rods Black Viper 3 Rods Argon Rods Commercial King Rods Pole Spare Parts Pole Accessories Buckets, Riddles, Boxes Holdall und Carryall, Umbrellas Keep Brwoning, Rrotective Tubes Net Handle Net Net Heads Promotional items Browning Poles — nobody does it better!

Browning is at the forefront of pole design. Browning poles share mandrels, therefore have a high level of section compatibility across the ranges and models. Future upgrades are convenient and 00j. Every aspect of a Sphere pole has been optimized — from the specially designed topkits to the ergonomic butt sections.

These посмотреть еще specialist poles designed for skilled pole anglers who have the experience to use the ultra high performance to give them competitive advantage. EXO represents the optimum, a pole built without compromise or cost constraints — therefore the highest performing pole available.

Xitan Advance poles are flagship products in the Browning range. These are professional standard poles for anglers looking top performance, top quality and total reliability. They can be used with confidence for all forms of fishing. They share a number of innovative and advanced features that are unique to Browning poles which make owning and fishing with a Xitan pure pleasure.

Our exciting 2eX-S mid-range poles share the same advanced features found on our Xitan poles — but at prices to suit all budgets. No other pole range offers such levels of performance, quality and features at these prices.

Browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free design allows the pole to be used at exactly Hypercarp poles are designed for one purpose — catching very big fish! We believe that these are the fref poles available, and they have already been used to catch carp to nearly 20kg. Browning has used its pole and carbon expertise to keep the poles stiff and remarkably light in weight despite their tremendous strength.

Any size fish, any size elastic, the Fedder will handle it! The Hypercarp range includes a high-performance competition pole which is exactly There are also matching length cupping kits with screw attachments fitted. At last, no need to take a saw to your new pole. Xitan poles do not need any cutting back for even the largest elastics so no waste or lost length. Xitans have visibly strengthened grip areas on the middle sections and на этой странице on the elbow areas of the butt sections.

These resist crushing when unshipping and cracking when striking. They look good too! Pole Protectors are purpose designed short butt sections. Each of the Protectors is designed as an integral part of the pole and has built-in skid bungs. There are purpose designed Protectors for browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free pole range and they fit every section from the 5th through to the 16m butt sections. They protect the main sections particularly useful on thin walled middle sections and give useful length options.

The top-end Xitans have carbon overwrapped male and female joints to resist premature wear browninh chipping. The overwrap on the female joints also increases hoop strength which helps unshipping when the pole is under load. The high-modulus carbon needed to make a pole light and stiff can often mmethod brittle. We use Nano-carbon fibres, which makes the sections much more durable!

All sections browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free alignment arrows for /// rigidity. Sections are also numbered for identification and carry a part number so if you need to order a replacement you will always get the correct section. Ergonomically shaped Pole Protectors formed by using a carbon process unique to pole making. These sections make fishing at long lengths very comfortable, in addition to protecting the sections from end damage.

The butt sections of all Xitan poles have a series of full diameter markings which allow consistent and accurate fishing and feeding when using a pole cup.

Xitan poles and SLK topkits are supplied in premium quality protective tubes. These resist both cracking in low temperatures and distortion in high temperatures. Your valuable pole deserves the best protection available. Special raised areas on Sphere butt sections that can be felt when shipping out. Fish accurately an feel the end of the butt sections without looking down!

Spares Service Browning keeps large stock of spare parts for all current and many discontinued poles. We aim to keep prices reasonable and can offer a rapid delivery service. We operate a consumer helpline poles zebco-europe. Browning Trademarks Licensed From Browning. Pole weight specifications do not include possible extensions such as Pole Protectors or Mini Extensions. The EXO Sphere is a professional level competition pole, hand made for the experienced match angler feedder wants the very best available.

It is easily fishable to the available 17m — and truly unbelievable at any shorter length! The EXO Sphere is supplied with 2 /46937.txt of our unique Multikit, both incorporating an innovative and true camouflage finish to break the outline of the topkit over water, therefore less likely to scare fish. All Sphere poles have unique Tactile Browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free Points on the butt sections for easy accurate fishing.

Used correctly the EXO Sphere pole is adequately strong for all typical match fishing situations where a conventional browming pole would be used. Fitted with our unique adjustable Duo-bush. Frer 2 versions to cover every need and style of fishing, both with an innovative camouflage finish. Code Model Pole Set 13 m Cont. Kit Browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free C Set 13 m Cont.

Each Sphere pole is hand made from the highest quality Japanese carbon, with grades carefully selected to provide the optimal balance between pole weight, stiffness and strength. The browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free is both stiffer and significantly lighter than typical flagship poles. This is an outstanding, professional level competition pole that has been designed for skilled pole anglers who want the very best, and have the experience to use its ultra high performance to give them a competitive advantage.

Used correctly 10-50gg Sphere pole is adequately strong for all typical match fishing situations where a conventional top-end pole would be used.

Extends the pole to a full 17m and also gives other length options. Excellent value. Sphere Zero-G Power Perfection Ideal for margin fishing, as a back-up pole – or just for general summer fishing at shorter lengths.

Made of Sphere quality carbon so is very stiff and weighs only gr at 11m. Can be safely used with the Sphere butt sections and fished at longer lengths. Extensions Set 8,00 m — 2 1 — Set 10,00 m 1 2 2 2.

Browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free believe that this is the lightest and most durable long whip merhod — a whip which will give the angler a genuine performance advantage. The fine tip is suitable for small fish techniques. However, the taper is designed to allow the tip to be cut back to create progressively stiffer actions. The tip section can also be removed and a larger bush fitted allowing the whip to be used for short-line speed fishing.

This will result in the hollow and solid kits roughly the same length — useful for rigs! Supplied with our unique Square Pole Protectors. Fishing a long pole has never been easier and more comfortable. Code Model Cup. C Section Set 13 m Cont. Xitan Advance Z16L Experience gained from development of our Sphere pole has allowed us /36235.txt make the Z16L significantly lighter and stiffer than the earlier poles, but without sacrificing any of the legendary strength and reliability that Arhon poles have become famous for.


– Browning argon feeder method 3 00m // 10-50g free


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If you continue surfing on our site you agree to the Use of cookies and our Privacy Policy! Feeder rods Browning 3,00m Argon 2. This browser does not support the video element. Browning 3,00m Argon 2. Brands Compare. Shipping costs. Features The Argon 2. Highly modular carbon fiber mats, a semi-parabolic action, give the rod all the features required for perfect method fishing. Whether carp of the 1 or 20 pound mark, this rod masters the situation. The large inner diameter enables great throwing distances even with the short models, with the 3,60 meter model, distances of 80 meters can be achieved without any problems, making it a great all-rounder for all types of feeder.

Properties Flat share g g Length rods 3 m Transport length rods 1. Often bought together Browning 3,90m Argon 2. VAT included. Browning 4,20m Argon 2. Shimano Aero X1 Finesse Feeder 9 ‘2,74m 60g. Browning 3,60m Argon 2. Zebco Rod 3,30m Trophy Feeder g. Browning 3,30m Argon 2. Browning 3,60m Hyperdrome Method Feeder Weight: g.

Browning 3,30m Hyperdrome Feeder 80g. Zebco Rod 3,60m Trophy Feeder g. Browning 3,30m Hyperdrome Method Feeder Weight: g. Shimano Aero X1 Precision Feeder 11 ‘3,35m 70g.

Zebco Rod 3,00m Trophy Feeder g. Shimano Aero X1 Precision Feeder 10 ‘3,05m 60g. Shimano Aero X1 Distance Feeder 13 ‘3,96m 90g. Zebco rod 2,55m Trophy Picker 60g. Your opinion is important to us! Review now! FAQs Question asked by Mark on Answer from the Angelplatz. Please note: If you have entered your email address, you will receive a notification from us as soon as we have answered your question. Ask a Question. Browning reel Black Viper Compact JENZI assortment box with rubber beads.

Browning 30g Black Magic Method Feeder. Browning 50g Black Magic Method Feeder. Mikado rod case – 3 compartments cm stiffened – green. Browning Aluminum Tube Rod Holder. Browning Hydrus Method Feeder Mold. Quantum 0. Browning Deluxe Feeder Rod Rest.

Zebco lead shot assortment g. Magic Trout 25mm Trout Swivel 10 6 pieces. JENZI rubber stopper black soft rubber medium. Zebco lead shot assortment g, fine. Magic Trout 22mm trout swivel 12 6 pieces. JENZI pearl assortment different assortments. Zebco Trophy steel leader 1×7 – Rolling L: 25cm 15kg. Quantum Float Connector Swivel red 5 pieces 10mm. Zebco 3,00m Tele Rubber Net 60cm x 60cm x 50cm. JENZI carabiner swivel in black – nickel size 8 to 12 kg. Mikado Tube – Anti Tangle with swivel 15cm – 3 pieces.

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